We are Carol and Rod Wood who  have for over 30 years rescued cats and fostered homeless kittens. in 2010 we lost all three of our beloved moggies aged 14 and 15. We then rescued 2 more little beauties, Ruby and Bella.

In 2011 after visiting a number of shows and reading lots of books  about the British Shorthair we  decided to look for our first British blue girl and this was  how we totally fell in love with the British Shorthair.

We carried on visiting shows and loved every minute of it. We talked to some fantastic breeders and were given lots of help and advice. In  2012 we decided we wanted to breed and show these beautiful creatures and took the decision to apply for our prefix of "Charnodleywood" which is a mixture of our grandchildren's names and our last name.

 We have thoroughly enjoyed spending the last 4 years visiting shows and meeting some fantastic, dedicated people who have encouraged and supported us throughout. We find the showing exciting and want to do our best to make everyone who has trusted us  with their babies proud.

We will always be grateful to the breeders who have helped us to get started in the  wonderful world of showing and spent  time and patience advising us. It is all due to these lovely people that we now have  three more beautiful girls,  and two handsome boys. We will always be eternally grateful to them. 

We want to thank:

Beryl and Gordon Wright of Bergors British Shorthairs for our blue girl  Bergors Jasmin (Jazz)

Becky Hayes of Alfiebritz for our Cream Colourpoint and white girl Alfiebritz Luna Maze(Luna)  who was in 2015 followed by Alfiebritz Seal_Bi_a_Kiss (Kissi) and Alfiebritz Tinkerbelle (Tinks)

Jeanette Camm of Dixylanbritish for our Chocolate Colourpoint and White boy Dixylan Kuredu King aka Bandit

 Vicki Fisher of Xzibit British Shorthairs  for our Cream Girl Xzibit Lemon Jelly (Jelly) , our long awaited blue boy Xzibit Levi Strauss(Levi) and our gorgeous black girl Xzibit Mississippi (Pippa)

First and foremost these beautiful babies we have been trusted with are our beloved pets and it will always stay that way.

We are so excited about the future!

Please follow our progress!!!