Today as I type this it is Meggy's first Birthday. She is really growning up now and is so loving. The problem is she thinks she's a dog. We cannot move around the house without she is with us, she is always walking  at the back of your heel.

We bought al lead to take her outside but she is not  really impressed with it.So, we have decided that during the next few weeks, we are going to  build a little house and a run in the garden, that way the three girls can go outside and get some fresh air.

The house and run are now in the garden and the girls love to go out there for some fresh air on sunny days. Meg has really matured and is a beautiful young lady. We hope by next year she has some babies of her own. We aim to keep a little girl and hopefully bring into our family a little boy who will grow up and become our foundation "Stud Boy".

Its almost 2 years since I typed the above comment:

It is now 2015 and lots of things have happened.

 We have had a couple of litters and had the joy of meeting people and choosing new families for our babies.

Our 2nd Blue girl Bergors Jasmin is now a Champion

We have our two stud boys and our outdoor cattery

This year is very exciting for us as, all our babies become adults and we hope to breed and show in our own name by next year.

During 2015 Our Two boys gained Championship status and fathered a beautiful litter each. We have kept a boy named Charnodleywood Diesel Gene from our blue boy and two girls named Charnodleywood Sa-Miracle (Sammy) and Charnodleywood DelilaDream (Dee) from our colourpoint and white boy. They will all three be entering their first shows during February.

Luna gave birth to 4 beautiful red colourpoint boys, we kept  one and named him Charnodleywood Purrfectluv (Purrci) at 7 months old he won BEST BRITISH KITTEN in the Yorkshire and Humberside Show.