Owned by Our Children,Grandchildren and Cats

Rod & Carol

We have been owned by all of the  above for many years (38 to be precise). Our two Daughters  are now both grown up with chidren of their own, Our 5 grandchildren.

Our first cat came into our lives in 1980,his name was Digger (He was named after Digger Barnes the old man in the series Dallas, that was because nobody wanted him either). Digger was adored by all of us. Joanne Wood and Michelle Wood aged 7 and 5 our two lovely daughters and Jet (coloured black) our dog. Digger. had a terrible habit of getting on the school bus every morning, the driver (Trevor Blakemore)had to stop the bus and make sure one of the girls took the cat home before continuing the journey onto school. Digger left our lives in 1996, he also left us all broken hearted. Soon after losing Digger our youngest daughter Michelle asked us to take care of her cat Buzz, she had to move due to her career and he couldn't go with her.

At the beginning of 2010 we lost our beloved Buzz, a beautiful red cross British shorthair, his the affection he gave to us was wonderful and we loved him dearly. Two months later we lost his friend Amy, she was a very quiet tortie and white cross and was  another  rescue. They were both aged 15.

We had already adopted Bella at the age of 4 months, that was 6 months before losing Buzz and Amy, Bella  missed them as much as we did, so low and behold back to cat protection we went and adopted a little black and white cross british short hair with massive ears,which at the time one of our Grandaughters (Daniella Wood) told us she would grow into them, she never did. Her name is Ruby, she can open every door in the house, actually throws herself at it until\it opens. She loves water, which means we have to make sure the bathroom door is locked when having a bath or we would be sharing in with her.

We have for a very long time wanted a pedigree  British  Short hair but never imagined we would be owned by thirteen  of them plus our two old rescues.